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Business solutions

Business solutions

Don’t waste time with unreliable suppliers.
Address those who bring tangible results.

Tailor-made solutions for large and small businesses.

Rox specializes in technology services, we are experienced programmers and we use executable code to produce bespoke solutions for large and small businesses.

Contact us and we will study together solutions to make you excel in your market.
One click is enough to change the future of your company, talking to one of our consultants is free!

Reliable IT services for enterprises

01. Analyses

We meet with our clients to talk about the needs and timing of the project. We exchange ideas and ask many questions to better understand all the details.

02. Ideas & suggestions

Our experts propose suggestions and initiatives to provide the best IT solutions in reference to the designated project. Finally, we propose a business plan to maximize the success of the operation.

03. Development & Testing

After the agreement on the project, we start working respecting the deadlines set. Always available by phone, we send development reports on the progress of the work.

04. Installation & commissioning

Once the project is finished, tested and approved, everything will be executed as predetermined in the contract agreements.

05. Assistance & reporting

We regularly provide assistance and control reporting on sales trends, site rankings, behavioral flows and organic searches.

06. Return on investment

By analyzing the accumulated revenue, we will be able to calculate the percentage of the return on investment that you will have obtained from the operation.

Corporate IT support functionality

IT Management & Design
We provide responsive and functional IT designs for businesses around the world.
Payment Solutions
We provide POS certified physical and online payment solutions.
Data Security
We perform database backups and store it in a safe and secure place while maintaining its accessibility.
Personalized solutions
We propose feasible and practical business plans for the development of customized software.
Marketing solutions
We have developed a revolutionary marketing system called Lightspeed with which it is possible to send Emails, SMS and Whatsapp messages in bulk.
Web Development
We help you obtain incentives for digital innovation and we analyze with you the return on investment of a new and performing website.

We process fast, secure and certified payments.


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