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Rox Lab | Our Important History in the Digital World

Rox Lab | Our Important History in the Digital World

We create solutions for your future.

You know you’ve found your way when you have the desire to achieve a goal.
Find the courage to pursue it and overcome any obstacles in your path. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
  • 2019
    The idea
    Rox's idea was born in 2019 with the aim of revolutionizing the Italian fintech market. With a solid foundation of IT specialist knowledge as a starting point, its mission right from the start was to meet the growing market demand for technological innovation.
  • 2020
    The foundation
    With these objectives in mind, in 2020 we founded the company, immediately starting to forge close collaborative relationships with strategic companies in the sector (Google, Payrexx, Nexi, Whatsapp) and to develop the platform to use our services.
  • 2022
    The launch
    In 2022, we released the complete, online and free platform for all users, including various payment services, a job board and powerful marketing tools. Our development and improvement work continues, in order to provide the best user experience for the customer.

Rox Lab: forging the digital future with creativity and reliability

The story of Rox Lab is a journey through digital innovation. Founded with a vision to transform the digital landscape, we have evolved into a creative laboratory, combining technical expertise and passion to deliver outstanding digital solutions.

From web development projects to implementing SEO strategies, we have faced challenges and overcome every obstacle to drive digital success. Rox Lab is more than a software house; it is our commitment to shaping the digital future with creativity, precision and reliability